“Your energy and commitment to the work that we do is inspiring and I know you are going to do great things.”

Patrick Sims, Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you again for coming out and presenting to our group on campus. You are an incredibly powerful speaker… I am always looking for the chance to grow and develop within that skill so it was great to hear so many unique ideas from you. Not only was your message powerful, your stage presence and presentation was aweing.”

Makenzi Tijerina, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Everywhere. The whole interview was chock full of nuggets of knowledge and I could barely keep up with all cascade of thoughts that I had throughout the interview.” Hip hop pedagogy, poetry, and facilitation

Meg Bolger, Facilitating XYZ LIVE

“Wilson Okello served as our keynote speaker as well as performer for the Annual Lavatus V. Powell Diversity Awards Banquet which is an event that is part of the Diversity Week celebration at Miami University. Knowing Wilson personally and the work he does made him the perfect choice to serve as our keynote this year. His brilliant use of words and their link to the human spirit allows us to truly understand the intricacies of race as well as create a dialogue. His craft allows him to reach all types of audiences and leaves them with a sense of hope as well as validation for their own experiences. He is a wonderful speaker.”

Yvania Garcia-Pusteri, Assistant Director, Office of Diversity Affairs

“Just wanted to let you know I showed your TED talk (our personal stories) to my English class and they loved it. They were really moved.had a great discussion about telling our own stories, finding our voices, and writing as a form of activism. One student said she felt like every word in the presentation held intention, meaning and purpose. I will definitely be using it in future classes ;)”

Gina Loring, American Embassy Poet; HBO’s Def Poetry

“I cant speak enough good things about not only having you be a part of our MLK celebration, but also becoming a part of our Findlay Family that afternoon. You were a blessing to all that you came across, and your words resonated with me deeply.”

Johnathan White, Intercultural Student Services, University of Findlay

“Thanks for being the keynote speaker for the CASE V New Professional Pre-Conference… conference attendees enjoyed your words. You gave a unique look at self-care and made it tie in beautifully to the work of the advancement professional. I publicly thank you!“

Morrel Wax, Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundations Relations, University of Alberta

“Wilson led us to some very meaningful revelations that assisted our staff in going deeper knowledge wise and helped some team members learn why some people share readily, and why others do not.  Processing the meaning of our learning came with: ah‐ha’s, pain, hope, dilemma and curiosity.  Wilson helped us through this conversation and I am grateful.”

Tierza Watts, Director of Residence Education, Georgia Southern University

“Wilson Okello is an exemplary speaker, poet, and educator. In my fifteen years of working in college student programming, I have never seen anyone with the talent that Wilson has to inform and motivate audiences, prompt sincere and honest reflection, and engage enormously multifaceted audiences on important and sensitive topics with such honesty, power, and grace.”

Elizabeth “Buffy” Stoll Turton, Ph.D., Director of New Student Programs, Miami University, Welcome Week Event

Your story and inspirational ideas set the tone for the rest of the weekend…With everyone I talked to they said that some idea from your speech connected with them in some deep way.”

Natalie Houser, Granville High School

You have empowered everyone with your words…my favorite part of your message was about the power and importance of love and work ethic and that transformation happens in the midst of struggle, not as a result of it.

Meg Mitchell, HOBY Leadership Conference

I always looked at what others thought and really didn’t look into myself. Your speech really made me think about where I am from. Thank you for really making me understand myself.”

Kassim Hassan, West High School